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Le Loup Garou


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Year: 1997

Producer: Le Loup Garou

Musicians: Francesco Prota: singer, sax, guitar, piano, percussions – Carin Jurdant: vocalist, accordion – Klaus Rando:singer, percussions – Antonio Stefanelli: bass and singer.

Some technical information

Recording made by Le Loup Garou in their private studio

Mixing: studio Il Parco – Naples

Sound engineer: Carlo Gentiletti

Le Loup Garou

As they cannot be defined strictly, the Italian and foreigner press describes them as a miracle of originality.Their cds and their live performances are already a cult. Le Loup Garou are four artists melting together four different flows of European musical and artistic culture. They perform a very touching, irrational, dramatic show, a kind of ancient tribal rite in the spirit of wolf.Their language, freed by both national and folk barriers,uses different idioms: french, spanish, german, finnish, italian and latin. In 1995 they played in the festival “Arezzo Wave” and they proved to be one of the most interesting Italian bands.

CARIN JURDANT – vocal and accordion

She was born at Aht (Belgium) in 1964. She took singing and acting lessons and, when was19, got into the acrobatic company run by Victor Petrin. As she injured her right ankle by accident, she decided to leave Belgium in 1987 and ended up in Naples. She met Le Loup Garou and joint the band in 1994.

FRANCESCO PROTA – vocal, guitar and sax

He was born in Praga in 1964. His father is Italian and his mather Russian. They were two chemists compelled to come back to Italy for political reasons. They settled down in Naples but Francesco ran away from home when was 17 because of violent arguments with his father. He studied without graduating Medicine, Psycology and then attended the Conservatory following the clarinet, piano and composition courses. Admitted to the final exam with very good marks, he decided not to take it and gave all himself to the band Le Loup Garou he had founded in 1985.

TOTTOLO STEFANELLI – vocal, bass and foot-drum

He was born in Naples in1960.He is the eight son of Milena Potinuolo and Vincenzo Stefanelli. His father died in prison when Tottolo was only 3 and his mather had to bring up seven daughter and a son on her own. Tottolo got into seminary and there he discovered his passion for music.Fortunately he met an older woman and had a very passionate relationship with her. It’s the beginning of a new lif. In 1985 he founded the Le Loup Garou with Francesco.

The band Le Loup Garou does concert with these musicians : Frank Prota :Vox, Guitar, Sax – Carin Jurdant : Vox, Accordion, Hammond – Tottolo Stefanelli : Bass, foot-drum, vox – Danny Boy 1° : Percussions – Lello Natale Smith: Guitar


Label, Year, Title
Get Magic Production, 1992, Ortodoxia
Get Magic Production, 1994, The Grave and the Trees
Prikoskovenie Production, 1995, Las Girafas Y los Lobos
Prikoskovenie Production, 1996, Le petit Ballon
Polosud, 1997, 13 Pequeños Bau Bau
Vice Versa Records, 1997, Book
Vice Versa Records, 1997, Pepi, Tashiro und Letze Tanz
EMI/Vice Versa Records, 1999, Wipiti dance-dance
EMI/Vice Versa Records, 2000, SuperMary
Polosud, 2004, Capri Apokalypse


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