Antichi viaggiatori




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Track list:

  1. Opening
  2. Jawi
  3. Menu Sciardac
  4. Tarantella cicoli e ricotta
  5. Amra
  6. Balla sul tamburo
  7. Antichi Viaggiatori
  8. Tammurrianti
  9. Tarantella del Gargano
  10. Sule (EPO)
  11. Tammurrianti per Tamburello

Between innovation and tradition, between the West and the East … The music of Meditamburi. Paolo Cimmino (founder of the group), M’Barka Ben Taleb, Emidio Ausiello, Michele Maione and Gabriele Borrelli are an ensemble of musicians of great experience and important artistic collaborations in Italy that abroad. After several years of live performances, the ensemble of percussion public, with “Polosud RECORDS”, the CD ANTICHI VIAGGIATORI”. In the 10 songs offered the musical journey is accompanied by a long exterior and interior time, a time percussive, dynamic and evocative atmosphere of the Mediterranean as distant land. Time as interval between a before and after.Not a suspension but a life that brings transformation. Cambiamento.Cambiamento hopes that the Ensemble singing against the eco-mafia (Balla sul tamburo), singing the anxiety of job insecurity (Ninna nanna per tamburello) and the importance of the rite as a moment of social integration (Tammurrianti) The melodies then gather items interior, which become common languages for individuals, peoples and cultures … Nun è notte e nun juorno chist è tiempo ca se ferma…… It’s time to Antichi Viaggiatori.Paolo Cimmino


The Ensemble MediTamburi composed by Michael Maione, Emidio Ausiello, Gabriele Borrelli, M’Barka Ben Taleb, Paolo Cimmino was born in 2010 from an idea of ​​Paolo Cimmino with show- concert Emergency Rhythm where the “main protagonist is the drum” it must tell, fascinating, excite. First appearance at Teatro Armida Sorrento for the tribute Stinga The ensemble performs an important festivals taking advantage of valuable collaborations with Italian and foreign artists including (Francesco Villani, Giovanni Imparato, Raquy Danzinger, Daniella Ganeva, Antonio de Luise, Ugo Rodolico).In 2013, the collaboration with the precious singer M’Barka Ben Taleb become a stable and ever-present within the group, as well as the presence of extraordinary dancer Ashai Lombardo Arop. After several years of live performancee holdings in various Festivals including Negro Festival, Festival Intricanti Fiano wine festival, Nola International Percussion Festival Courts Art Festival, Festival Casarlano The ensemble finally goes into the recording studio and produced the first CD “Antichi Viaggiatori M’Barka Ben Taleb voice and percussion – Emidio Ausiello percussion- Gabriele Borrelli Percussion – Michele Maione percussion and sequences – Paolo Cimmino Voice and percussion


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