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Pina Cipriani

Her artistic career started in 1970s when she performed with the group “Bentornato Mandolino” at Incontri internazionali del cinema of Sorrento and then did concerts in France, Germany and Turkey.

In 1977 she performed and recorded “Quando nascette Ninno” by S.Alfonso Maria de’ Liguori.

In 1978 she founded The Company of San Carluccio in Naples (which became her artistic home) with Franco Nico.

In 1981 The Company of San Carluccio produced the show”Antonio de Curtis in arte Totò” featuring Pina as main charachter. The show had a big success and was performed both in Italy and abroad(La Rochelle Festival, in Avignone and at grenoble European Theatre Festival)

In 1982 she was invited to perform at Biennale di Venezia with the show dedicated to the poets and the culture of Campania outback:”Il Sud non é forse”.

In 1984 she played in “Rona”, a show based on a cultural and musical comparison between Rome and Neaples, produced by Sancarluccio.The premiere was at Teatro Diana in Naples and, after being performed in many Italian theatres, was also played in Grenoble(1985) and Geneve (1986). Then it was recorded and shown on Rai Tre.

In 1990 she performed at Sancarluccio”Rosa, Preta e Stella”, a show by Salvatore Palomba, directed by Franco Nico with musics by Raimondo di Sandro and Daniele Sepe. The show, a summary of Neapolitan history through its songs from 1200 to nowadays, was very successful and was played for longer then 3 months. It was performed in Naples, Cagliari, Rome and Paris at George Pompidou Centre.

In 1991 she performed “Quando Nascette Ninno” in front of the Pope and one hundred thousand people at Piazza Plebiscito, Naples.

In 1992 she plays both in “Libera”, a film by Pappi Corsicato, and “Baby gang” by Salvatore Piscicelli.

n February 1994 she played at Teatro Sancarluccio in “Mama”, a show written and directed by Bianca Mastrominico,with musics by Piero de Asmundis and Daniele Sepe.

In October 1994 there was the premiere of “Cantami o Diva” in Paris at Italian Institute of Culture. In the show, written and directed by Bianca Mastromimico, Neapolitan song becomes a kind of world song, finding affinities with the French tradition.

In December1997 she performed in “Chesta é la Terra mia”, a show dedicated to Cilento with poems by Giuseppe Luccio, directed by Bianca Mastrominico and musics by Piero de Asmundis.

In 1999 Pina selected 15 poems by Eduardo De Filippo and, supported by Luca De filippo and with Franco Nico’s musical taste, got them into wonderful songs.

At Christmas 2000 the songs based on Eduardo’s poems were recorded in a Cd produced by Polosud and given as a gadget by the newspaper “Il Mattino” during Christmas.

Bentornato Mandolino, Ed. Fonit Cetra
Quanno Nascette Ninno, Ed. Fonit Cetra
Irpinia oj terra mia cchiu cara, Ed. Fonit Cetra
Pina Cipriani canta Totò, Ed. Fonit Cetra
Tiempe Sciupate, Ed C.P.S.
Rosa, Preta e stella, Ed C.P.S.
Pina Cipriani canta Eduardo, Ed. Polosud
Chisto è nu filo d’erba e chillu è ‘o mare, Ed Polosud


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