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Gabriella Pascale


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Gabriella Pascale

Gabriella Pascale, one of the most appreciated singers of the period called “Vesuwave”, was the singer of Walhalla, a historical Neapolitan band she performed and won Sanremo Rock” 1987 with.

After the end of the experience with Walhalla in 1991, Gabriella started playing mostly live as a soloist .

Among all her performances, we like to cite “Canciones”, a show centred on lyrics by South-American authors.

Project, Title, Label, Year
Walhalla, Mank, Bau Song, 1983
Walhalla, You are the only woman tonight, Festa, 1986
Walhalla, Sotto il Vulcano, Sintesi 3000, 1988
Compilation, Live at Blue Angel, Festa, 1984
Compilation, Sanremo Rock, Polygram, 1988
Compilation, Spackanapoli, Festa, 1990
Solista, G.P., Polosud, 1993


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