Andrea Campese (Andreasbanda)


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Andrea Campese (Andreasbanda)

He contributed, as a singer and a composer, to found and develop many Neapolitan bands in ‘70 and ‘80.

In1992 he founded the Andreasbanda, with which:

1) won the Recanati award – 6° edition – 1995

2) recorded the cd Vedi alla voce banda, (Ed. Polosud, 1996)

3) gave his contribute to many compilations with unpublished songs (Napoli Sound System, Nuove tendenze della canzone d’autore, Con Senso);

4) did many concerts and joint tv and radio shows (Rai2, TMC, radiouno e radiotre, together many local and national broadcastings).

Andrea Campese played as author/ performer in cds: Kammermuzak (by Compagnia Musicale Paolo Di Sarcina); Spingole (by Alan Wurzburger); Viento ‘e mare (by Rua Port’Alba).

He collaborated, in 1986 and 1987, with artists like: Roberto De Simone (Carmina Vivianea, ed. ‘86 e ‘87), Eugenio Bennato (Concerti alle Ville Vesuviane, Concerto per Pulcinella at Teatro Mediterraneo), Horacio Duran (of Inti Illimani), Enzo Nini.

He worked with l’Ensemble vocale of Naples and with the band playing medieval music Laude Novella. He founded the vocal group “a cappella” Campet Singers (1993) and recorded the cd Vocali e consonanti (Limousine – Flying Records).

He collaborated with Daniele Sepe to adapt in Italian Victot Jara’s lyrics (Conosci Victor Jara ?, cd Il Manifesto).

He recorded the cd “Daltro Canto” (Ed. Polosud) in 2003

Andrea Campese & Sbanda

This is a presentation for songs to sing and, hopefully, to listen to.

The question is: is it possible to find a way to combine communication and research? Is it possible to immagine melodies, harmonies,rithms,both respecting all the several roots they come from and attentive to the several imputs given by the present and suggested by the future? Is it possible to tell stories that cannot pass over silence, to show feelings that cannot be frustrated, without making people suicide, and all this said with a simple and direct language, without being banal?

Cock! that’s a problem. And it can’t be resolved.

Anyway, nothing can prevent our heroes, Andrea Campese & Sbanda, from trying and, hopefully, giving some good contribute to solve this problem.

After the experience with Andreasbanda, Andrea campese set up the Sbanda, contributing to get together musicians coming from very different backgrounds (rock, jazz, cultured and popular music).

The band is both a rock and a little chamber and popular ensamble band. Andrea Campese & Sbanda combines a research based on rithms and sounds coming from European tradition, centred on the use of mazurka, rumba and western ethnic music, re-elaborated with a modern taste, open to many imputs and spread with irony. Andrea Campese & Sbanda does concerts where lightness and research, irony and engagment, are balanced and equivalent.


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