Di altri sguardi


Mariano Bellopede


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Track list:

  1. Jasmine’s Elegy
  2. Paquito
  3. Till The Rain
  4. La Mer Vers l’Italie
  5. Fuoco a Mare
  6. Dormi Ancora un Po’
  7. Sabir
  8. Springtime Revolution
  9. Una Canzone Bianca
  10. Song For My Sister’s Son

A journey of the soul, sound travels, imaginative. Places that I captured the heart, distances that I heard at the Port of Algeciras, a tall man whose eyes were blacks. He spoke to other eyes, made of meetings on the go. And yet the tavern of the port of Ceuta, after passing the Strait of Gibraltar: the colors and the sounds of screaming love for the earth and for the sea that washes them, the Mediterranean.
Old, she lived, exploited and abused, soiled black, red and green but still alive, more alive than all the oceans .. so alive as to fear for the amount of different cultures that encompasses.
For each of these places has inspired me a story, an event, in some cases too well known, in other cases too intimate. For each story a song. 10 tracks, ten memories, ten stories from the Mediterranean. “DI ALTRI SGUARDI”Racconti dal Mediterraneo is the new artistic project of Mariano Bellopede. It will be officially unveiled July 2, 2015 at 18.00 at the Feltrinelli of Piazza dei Martiri in Naples, with a preview at JAZZIT Festival (Terni) on June 26.
It is produced by Polosud, historical label Neapolitan directed by Ninni Pascale and BANCO FACTORY (hothouse BANK OF MUTUAL AID directed by Mario Valerio Nocenzi).
It ‘a disc strongly inspired, that goes beyond the music.
Each of the ten unpublished Bellopede is inspired by an event in the recent history of the Mediterranean (from the Arab Spring to the travel of hope, by migrants to the tales of travelers sailing). For each track, in the booklet, it is associated with a small text (from a poem by Nazim Hikmet or Erri De Luca, a story of Gianluca Solera, from an article by Massimiliano Virgilio to an interview by Simone Perotti Project Mediterranean) that leads to a listening even more poetic.
All this is topped by the beautiful photos of Alessandro Bellopede, travel reporter and Marian’s brother .
The sounds are jazz / world:
a trio of base (formed by Mariano piano Alex Anzalone on electric bass, acoustic or bass and David Edwards on drums), alongside other musicians including Gigi Patierno on horns, Gino Evangelista to ‘oud, Federico Luongo on electric guitar, Ondanueve the String Quartet and the voice of Alessio Arena, winner of Musicultura 2013 (also author of the text of the only song on the album: UNA CANZONE BIANCA).

Mariano Bellopede

He began studying piano at age 9 in his hometown. In 2004 he graduated under the guidance of Patrizia Emperor at the Conservatory of Benevento with honors. In December 2006, under the leadership of Angela Morrone, achieved at the Conservatorio San Pietro a Mayella of Naples degree in musical disciplines-address concert with 110 cum laude, with a thesis on the Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 1 op. 15 by Ludwig Van Beethoven. He also attended master classes with teachers Eli Perrotta, Spanish Paul and Michele Marvulli, Lesley Howard. He has participated in various national and international competitions both as a soloist and in a duo with pianist flautist Carmine Marigliano always getting first prizes and scholarships. In 2008, with Carmine Marigliano (flute) is among the five finalists of the ‘International Competition Astor Piazzolla (only Italian to achieve this rislutato). Its main project is obviously “ViaggioInDuo” (see biography duo). A follow other artistic experiences of Mariano Bellopede, which is not the aforementioned duo. As a soloist he has performed several times for: l ‘UNESCO, Conservatorio San Pietro a Mayella, Ass. Domenico Scarlatti, Walton Foundation, CVT ..; summer 2005 concert held in Cilento and in one of these plays some songs in duo with pianist and composer Vittorio Nocenzi (founder and leader of the group BANCO MUTUAL AID). In the April 2006, reported by the French Consulate in Naples, gave a recital in France, in the city of Chambery to the French cultural association “BEL AIR” gaining even here numerous appreciations of the public and critics. Duona also for the May of Monuments, 2007 at the Church of Donnaromita, for the Walton Foundation in Ischia. Also in Ischia, at Villa Arbusto, he performs with Nello Mascia and Lalla Esposito. He also plays at the Teatre Schonefeld Hamburg in duo with the soprano Alessandra Krogh. On the occasion of the International Prize Sebetia-Ter 2009 and 2010 he performed in duo with singer Amii Stewart. He performs solo piano for POMIGLIANOJAZZ FESTIVAL 2009 in a performance of IMPROWYSIWYG (extempore improvisation on a screening of a video). It also plays for several important theater companies in many Italian theaters, working, among others, with the likes of: PEPPE BAR, Patrick Trampetti, (by which is on tour in 2006 for the show “LA MANDRAGOLA” and in 2010 for the show “The follies of Monsignor Perrelli) ENZO MOSCATO Pasquale Scialò (for the shows HOTEL DE L’UNIVERS, Benevento Entertainment in 2006 and Toledo Suite (Benevento city show 2008). Gennaro Cannavacciulo, Federico Salvatore and Rosaria De Cicco for tour 2008/2009 and in 2010 the show Novecento Napoletano, performance of which is musical director since 2010. In December 2007, the “Comédie” of Reims in France (of international prestige) with “Caberet Rota” and Mauro Gioia and orchestra. Autumn 2008 he worked as a musician staging of “Don Giovanni returns from war”, directed by Carlo Cerciello (prize ETI 2008), music by Paul Coletta, with Remo Girone. March / May 2009 collaborates with the Teatro San Carlo in Naples all’allestiomento of “Napoli zompa and flies” recited and sung ballet with music by Paul Coletta, text Manlio Santanelli, choreography and direction by Amedeo Amodio and a special appearance by Simona Marchini. July 2009 is the pianist for the show “Good morning Contessa” Mariano Rigillo.
2009/2010 pianist, arranger and musical director for the show “At the Table with La Sirena” by and with Antonio Lubrano (well-known journalist and television presenter).
2010 pianist for some dates of the tour of the musical CATS produced by Compagnia Della Rancia E ‘also the author of music for several plays including “Hamlet” directed by Valentina Rosati for the exhibition “AmoLaMole” of Ancona (2010); Eduardo 110 and praise and with Umberto Bellissimo (2010/11); Intercity Plus (2010/2011/2012) and starring Carmine Borrino; short film “Time Out” with Patrick Rispo (2011).
He has worked since 2010 with RADIOTRE RAI for transmission ZAZA ‘.
Deeply fascinated by jazz and contemporary music has followed the courses of interpretation and composition jazz dall’ISMEZ organized under the direction of Francesco D’Errico, also following seminars with various musicians and composers including: Bruno Tommaso; Paolo Fresu; Franco D’Andrea; Marco Sannini; Enrico Renna; Ettore Fioravanti; Paul Jeffrey; Laurent Felipe. From 2002 to 2003 he was a member of the selected items dall’ISMEZ for ” IS JAZZ ENSEMBLE “.

He has all active two discs ViaggioInDuo 2008 “According to We” 2011 (Polosud records). Both he oversaw the entire artistic production.


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