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Lorenzo Hengeller


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  1. Talk Show
  2. L’istindo dell’Emigrante (ft Hamilton De Holanda)
  3. L’ammore è Na Rosa (ft Patrizia Laquidara)
  4. Il loggionista Disperato  (ft MODA LODA BRODA)
  5. Canciòn n. 6 (ft Enrico Rava)
  6. Il Bacio Pletorico
  7. Urgente Cha Cha  (Ft Daniele Sepe)
  8. La Curiosità
  9. Pasolini
  10. Preferisco La Gassosa  (Ft Voci Di Corridoio)
  11. Vertigine
  12. Canciòn n. 6

“Gli Stupori del giovane Hengeller” is the work fresh ironic, as we expect but also new and musically as unexpected as effective. This time the pianist-composer-singer Neapolitan presents with a variety of styles and interpretations demonstrating an eclecticism so far only intuition, but that ““Gli Stupori del giovane Hengeller…” comes out great. The “Pagode- Choro”, accompanied by Hamilton de Holanda, full of international Neapolitan (the difference between a donut and a cream puff key thing is also on the moon) “L’istinto dell’emigrante”, the content of the freeze to death “Loggionista “The love to Armando Gil (with atmosphere 30s / 40s and in my opinion, full of double meanings). As a tribute to the novel with “his” Lelio Luttazzi, cha cha Ferrio with Daniele Sepe and the short quote of the Cetra in “Kiss”. In this CD go along with interpretations and pieces that you do not expect, but that make you happy to have listened to them and listen to them when and how you want. Truly remarkable interpretation of “Cancion Ranked # 6” in a indovinatissimo duo with Enrico Rava who can turn a classical piece in a jazz ballad godibillissima. As a poignant “Pasolini” in one with his plan. Last but not least, Hengeller gives us in “Short”, but no less enjoyable, again the “Cancion 6” by Federico Mompou, this time, just to make it clear that pianist, piano solo. This preceded lords as Benedetti Michelangeli, Martron and Ciccolini and if you please. They accompanied Lorenzo Hengeller in this endeavor Elio Coppola on drums and Marco De Tilla on bass

Lorenzo Hengeller

He was born in Naples in‘70 and started playing the piano very early.Still seventeen he was already a piano-bar musician in the Neapolitan clubs.He collaborates as a musician and, also, as an author with:Aurelio Fierro, Valentina Stella,Nello Daniele,Nino Buonocore, Paolo Fresu, Carlo Lomanto, Roberto del Gaudio,Mario Scarpetta,Lino D’Angio’, Savio Riccardi, Claudio Mattone.He released a first cd in ’98 (HENGELLERS).He was in the cast of the TV programm Telegaribaldi 02’ with his Jazz trio.In June 2003 he released the CD ”Parlami Mariù… ma non d’amore” (Polosud)


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