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Year: 1997

Producer: Ninni Pascale and Ninette

Musicians Ninette: vocalist and guitar – Lele Nitti: bass – Diego Iacuz: guitar – Andrea Vinti: drum – Chiara Cappuccio: piano – Simona Frasca: clarinet – Ninni Pascale: Sequencial circuit synt – Igor Smoday: viola – Riccardo Inda: double-bass.

The voice introducing the first song is Eva Robbins’ – the song number 2 is sung by Roberta Andalò.

Some technical information

Studio: Il Parco – Naples

Sound engineer: Ninni Pascale and Claudio Bevilacqua

This work hs been digitally recorded on Sony 3324 S and then mixed on Trident Serie 80B directly on AKAI DD1000.


With an attitude half way between frivolous provocations and autobiographic confession, Ninette’s songs,lyrics and performances (actually his true name is Nino Bruno) have always challenged the commonplaces of national pop music. Ninette characterized the bizarre Von Masoch’s live act with elegant disguises(from Francesca Bertini to Gilda Mignonette) and glamorous divertissements on neapolitan futurism (M’aggia curà, Bijoux). The band excited the national critic with the mini lp Flash Glamour and performed in three compilations (“Arraggiati” produced by Tien a Ment, “Sotto Tiro” produced by Amnesty International, “Punto Zero 16” that was a gadget given by Toast magazine).

It’ s impossible to limit his carreer talking only of his musical performances: actually the singer- composer explored his artistic language frontiers with Vittorio Lucariello (teatro Bellini, Galleria Toledo, with several pièces on Virtual Piedigrotta and futurism), with Alessandro Mendini (Fabbrica del Lunedì), and with the important film-clip Paradiso Blu, directed by Walter Montagna (with Iaia Forte). Ninette proved his skills also as actor (Paradiso Blu Show, multimedial musical with Von Masoch and CP/01) and as author of soundtracks with Pappi Corsicato for Tele+1.

Ninette’s originality drew the attention of Jean Paul Gautier, who wanted him in the tv programme Euro Trash. In the cd “Mondanità”, produced by Polosud, Ninette canceled the impression of making a music totally identified with glam -rock, trying to strike the deepest cords of his public.Although he didn’t renunce to the typical smell of expired lavander characterizing his works.

After releasing the cd “Mondanità” , Ninette worked at a Ninette Bimbo Visioni.

The project gets from Naples(Ninette’s mother town) the taste of irony and paradox. Its ingredients are a good amount of eletronics, non sense jingles, a bit of glamour and a professional and up-to-date production.

The NBV are: VIncenzo Cinefra, guitar and soundscapes; Roberta Colicchio, vocal; Andrea Vinti, drum; Nino Bruno, vocal and soundscapes.


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