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Lorenzo Hengeller


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Arrangements and Production: Lorenzo Hengeller

Musicians: Lorenzo Hengeller: piano – Salvio Vassallo: drum – Giacomo Pedicini: double-bass – Rudy Estrada: trumpet – Annibale Guarino: sax – Roberto Schiano: trombone

Guests: Lino D’Angiò, voice in “Lo spazzino dei sogni buttati” – Roberto Del Gaudio: voice in “La ballata del critico TV” – Mario Scarpetta: acting voice in “Good Mornin’ “vintage”
A short introduction:

This is a cd composed of songs reminding the ones played in the thirties, forties and fifties. It’s played by a trio : piano, double-bass and drum. It’s a kind of tribute to artists like : Kramer, Neri,Bixio, De Sica….for their importance in the Italian music and customs… yesterday and now!
Some technical information

Studio: Il Parco – Naples

Sound engineer: Ninni Pascale; assistant: Federico Federici

Mastering: Robert Fix

This work has been digitally recorded on Protools HD

Lorenzo Hengeller

He was born in Naples in‘70 and started playing the piano very early.

Still seventeen he was already a piano-bar musician in the Neapolitan clubs.

He collaborates as a musician and, also, as an author with:

Aurelio Fierro, Valentina Stella,Nello Daniele,Nino Buonocore, Paolo Fresu, Carlo Lomanto, Roberto del Gaudio,Mario Scarpetta,Lino D’Angio’, Savio Riccardi, Claudio Mattone.

He released a first cd in ’98 (HENGELLERS).

He was in the cast of the TV programm Telegaribaldi 02’ with his Jazz trio.

In June 2003 he released the CD ”Parlami Mariù… ma non d’amore” (Polosud).


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