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Marco Zurzolo


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Year: 1998

Producer: Marco Zurzolo

Some author’s notes:

“Polvere di Napoli” is my second record.

It’s a various and complex albulm, a kind of musical trip where its different sounds change and mix together continuously.

The compositions of this cd (as it happened in “Lido Aurora”) try to combine European Southern-East traditional music and the Mediterranean one, with strong references to jewish and balcanic music, and the neapoletan one obviously.

Music in these countries is very important and people’s sufference seems to take their music to the same direction.

My curiosity toward ethnic music take me further, to North and South America. I have tried to find the orally passed on music there, the one that was really created by people and, therefore, reaaly reflect their character.

Right in the period when I made this albulm, I was requested to compose the soundtrack of Antonio Capuano’s film “Polvere di Napoli”. This film, its atmosfhere, was very similar to what I had in my mind for this cd. Therefore, it was natural to put some songs of the film into my cd and some musical idea of my cd into the film.

Finally I want to thank Francesca Zurzolo for having been able to express with her voice the real soul of this cd.0

A curiosity: two great actors, Silvio Orlando e Tonino Taiuti perform the song “Alla prima delle prime”

Some technical information

Recording and mixing: studio Il Parco – Naples

Sound engineer: Carlo Gentiletti

This work has been digitally recorded on Sony 3324 S and then mixed on Trident Serie 80B directly on AKAI DD1000.

Marco Zurzolo

He was born on 26th July 1962 in Naples. He majored in jazz composition and flute at Conservatory San Pietro a Majella in Naples.

Together the classical studies he deepened his jazz knowledge through the study of saxophone, that finally became his main instrument.

He played as a soloist with many famous italian and foreign musicians like: Pino Daniele, Zucchero, Roberto Murolo, Salomon Burkes, Chet Baker, Mia Martini, Gino Paoli.

He worked for the theatre with artists like: Roberto de Simone, Luca De Filippo, Enrico Montesano, Peppe e Concetta Barra, Eugenio Bennato, performing with some of them in many tv programmes.

In 1995 he started composing and recorded for Polosud the cd “Lido Aurora”, having good reviews and sales also thanks to the song “Femmena Mimosa” which was often played by radio programmes.

In1996 his song “Salita Pontecorvo”, dedicated to a street downtown Naples, was included in a compilation made for the restoration of S. Angelo a Nilo’s Church, sponsored by Naples Cityhall.

In the same year he recorded some songs for the soundtrack of the film “Pianese Nunzio di anni 14” by Antonio Capuano. In 1997 he composed the soundtrack for the musical “Trash” by Enrico Montesano and the music for B. Brecht’s drama “Vita di Galileo” (directed by Michele Del Grosso, produced by Fondazione IDIS). In 1998 he composed both the soundtrack for the movie “Polvere di Napoli” by A. Capuano with Silvio Orlando and for “Il Manoscritto di van Haecken” by Nicola De Rinaldo.

In July ’99 was released his second cd “Polvere di Napoli”, still produced by Polosud, including some songs of the A. Capuano’s movie. In the same year he continued composing for the cinema and won an award for the best original soundtrack made for the shorts: “Una mattina di Maggio” by Raffaele Esposito and “Sbraineff” by Domenico Ciruzzi. He worked for the theatre on the soundtracks of “Little Peach”, a monologue by Enzo Moscato, “La regina di Saba” and “Resurrezione” performed by Renato Carpentieri’s Company and “Riso Frizzante” by Tonino Taiuti.

In June ’99 he was invited to represent Naples at Festa della Musica of Paris and a record of his was included in the official compilation.

An year later was released the cd “Ex-Voto” produced by Edizioni EGEA and presented at Umbria Jazz. In Jenuary 2001he did two concerts in Egipt(Cairo and Alessandria), invited by the Opera House of Cairo.

Meanwhile the soundtrack of “Polvere di Napoli” won the Quality Award by the Department of Culture and the soundtrack of “Resurrezione” won the “Girulà” Award for the best music.

In July he was invited to Canada at “Festival International de Jazz de Montreal”. He played also at the “Somigliano Jazz” Festival, playing in that occasion with the percussionist Don Moye.

Still in July was released his fourth cd “Napoli ventre del Sud”, published by EGEA and also presented at Umbria Jazz.


Label, Catalogue, Year, Title
Polosud, PS006, 1995, Lido Aurora
Polosud, PS024, 1998, Polvere di Napoli
EGEA, 2001, Ex-Voto
EGEA, 2002, Napoli ventre del sud


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