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Arrangements and Productions: Juke Joint

Musicians: Guido Migliaro: guitar, accordion, vocalist- Umberto Sirigatti: bass, vocalist – Enzo Di Domenica: guitar, vocalist – Nicola Orabona: drum – Luciano Nini: clarinet and clarino basso – Renato Federico: piano and organ – Lello Aucelli: vocalist – Nini Liccardi: double-bass – Gaia Fusco: chorus – Gabriele Del Vecchio: piano – Stefano De Stefano: piano
Some technical information

Studio: Il Parco – Naples

Sound engineer: Carlo Gentiletti

This work has been digitally recorded on Protools HD
A short introduction:

In a period where “contamination” is the most used word to describe new kinds of music, it’s been like an invigorating shower to have found a band playing blues.

We think that the simplicity of a bass, two acoustic guitars and a drum is winning.

Blues doesn’t “deceive” you with a huge amount of syntetic sounds, it goes “straight”, it might be defined easy, but we know it’s not.

Blues needs the only ingredients that neither life nor music can’t teach: heart and soul

The chords, the words, the subjects in this music are always the same, right as it occurs in life where pleasures, problems, pains, love stories always happen again in the same way.

The difference is how it happens: when Guido sings and shouts his stories are alive, real, they can give you darkness or lightness; when bass and drum are played together you realize the primordial rithm ; when the guitars “touch” you, “mourn” or “course”, you realize that the Juke Joint have something to say: the Juke Joint are a blues band.

Juke Joint

They got together in 1999 aiming at reproducing the soul and the sounds of former Blues, the ones from Delta of Mississippi, of Saturday Night Balls and of “juke joint” (makeshift resorts for Afro-Americans of those years, where they used to meet, drink smuggled liqueur, fall in love, hear and dance blues songs).

We decided to play acoustic instruments mostly in order to respect the roots of this music. Our loyalty and admiration toward the great performers of the past was sometime so big to became philological.

However we have never considered Blues as an old-fashioned music.

We prefer to consider it as an alive music that still has a long way to go and to make our songs with.

What about our “Roll the Belly!”?

Maybe it would have been easier to record a cd containing standard songs like, for instance, covers of famous songs.

We could have used standard sounds,arrangements and harmonies. Maybe our work would have been more homogeneous and balanced or “musically correct”.

But it wouldn’t have given emotions, if we had recorded it that way. To be honest, we feared that it would come out a nice but “useless” Blues albulm. If you listen to our version of Kindhearted Woman by Robert Johnson, you see it follows the original one, is well played, maybe touching, but it will never be able to compete with the original one.

…Well, we have said to ourselves, at this stage we prefer to risk and record a cd that maybe won’t be enjoyed by all people but that, at least, is made of our music and of our soul and heart…

Guido Migliaro (guitar, mouth-organ, vocalist)

He is one of the founders of “Blues Stuff”, guitarist in Eduardo Bennato’s band. At the moment he teaches in the Blues Department of Otto Jazz Club – Naples

Umberto Sirigatti (bass, vocalist)

He is one of the founders, bassist and lead vocalist of funk band “Little Italy”. After many experiences as musician and sound engineer, he chose to play blues music with “Blake Snake” first and then with the Juke Joint.

Enzo Di Domenico (guitar, vocalist)

He is one of the founders and guitarist of the rockabilly band “Cock’o Drills”; after the experience with “Blues Stuff” he has decided to take part to the Juke Joint project.

Nicola Orabona (drum)

He played drum with Lello Panico, Pietro Condorelli, Cock’o Drills and others. After having taken a diploma at Berkley School of Boston, he is now a teacher of drum at Yamaha School of Avellino


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