Giorgio Li Calzi


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Year: 1997

Production and arrangement: Giorgio Li Calzi

Recording and mixing: Ezio Ivaldi and Ciro Nardone

Some author’s notes

This cd is a tribute to the Neapoletan song.

This production, made in Turin by a multiethnic and very culturally “contaminated” band, decided to have non neapoletan musicians: the singer and percussionist Mamady Koyate from Ivory Coast; the brasilian percussionist Gilson Silveira, the singer Elena Roggero from Turin, and many jazz musicians coming from Piemonte mostly. There’s also the partecipation of actor Michele Di Mauro.

Besides the above musicians, there are also: Giorgio Li Calzi: trumpet, piano – Roberto Cecchetto: guitar- Alessandro Maiorino: bass – Sandro Minetto: drum – Carlo Virzi: drum – Igor Sciavolino: percussions- Alex Rolle: percussions – Antonio Zambrini:piano – Aldo Mella: double-bass – Nicola Muresu: double-bass – Roberto Regis: sax soprano – Danilo Pala: sax tenore – Andrea Morandini: bagpipes – Sergio Berardo: ghironda – Umberto Fantini : violin.

Giorgio Li Calzi

He was born in Turin in 1965. He has studied piano and many other instruments since he was young .

In1990 he was given a trumpet as a present and developed a great passion for this instrument as he felt it more familiar then piano.

The discover of trumpet went together the acquaintance with Enrico Rava, who was his teacher in the early ’90. In the same year Giorgio Li Calzi won the prize as best composer at the competition for young jazz talents(Rai-Radiouno-Yves St. Laurent)and started composing music both for theatre and dance.

He started working for advertising and won the award Audio 92 – IBTS/MEM as best composer for the jingle of Fiat Tipo and Tempra in 1992. Among his most recent jingles there ‘s the one for Moretti beer.

His multiethnic bands play in many international festivals.

He had the idea with Johnson Righeira of remaking the song “Il Lavoro” by Piero Ciampi and together they won the award Ciampi ’99.

Partly Discography
Label, Year, Title
Philology, 1994, Giorgio Li Calzi
Philology, 1997, La Nuit Americaine
Polosud, 1998, Santa Lucia
BMG/Ricordi, 2000, Autoloop


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