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Silenzio cantatore


Fausto Cigliano


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Track List:

  1. Silenzio Cantatore
  2. Maruzzella
  3. I’ Te Vurria Vasa’
  4. Veleno
  5. Alla Fiera Di Mast’andrea
  6. Stu Criato
  7. Gramigna
  8. So’ Stanco
  9. Dove Sta Zaza’
  10. Passione
  11. T’aggio Perso Pe’ Sempe
  12. Tiempo Antico                                                                                                                          Silenzio Cantatore contains some songs that have shaped the history of Neapolitan music but also significant changes in recent years: “just Gabriella and his ensemble have made me discover current Neapolitan songs, but definitely worthy of supporting the old classics” – says Cigliano – ” and this album is a nice mix of old and new songs: the ‘Te Vurria Vasa, Passion, Maruzzella, Gramigna by  Almamegretta and Stu Criato  by Enzo Gragnaniello “.
Fausto Cigliano

He was born in Naples.While was a student, he drew the attention by joining the festival of Neapolitan song in 1956. He won that festival with the song “Sarrà chi sa”in 1959.

Fausto Cigliano’s passion for music was born a few years before, when he, who came from a very big family, was given a guitar as a present by a schoolfriend. The guitar itself is his permanent friend in his relationship with the world of Italian pop music.

After joining Sanremo 1961 and Sanremo 1964 with the song “E se domani”, Cigliano started studying the instrument again with the assistance of Mario Gangi, and, in 1976, he took the diploma at Conservatorio of Santa Cecilia in Rome.

The contact with musicaI disciplines awakes in the artist the taste for a research obviously directed to the musical traditions of his city, Naples. As a consequence of this interest there is both a live concert recorded with Mario Gangi (Napoli Concerto) and all the concerts held in Italy and worldwide covering the entire evolution of the “neapolitan song”.

In 1950s he features the films : Classe di ferro (Turi Vasile); Guardia, ladro e cameriera (Steno); Ragazzi della marina (De Robertis); Cerasella.

He is the author of the songs: Ossessione ‘70, Papule mia, Nella mia città, Ventata nova, Scena muta, E t’aggia perdere, Pucundria and others.

He made the soundtrack of the tv serial Camilla. In the Anthology of Neapolitan song (De Agostini) a reprint (Cd and cassettes) of Tempo d’ammore was released (poem and songs with A. Mille)together a monography including songs recorded in different stages.

He joint, featuring his own music, the film Identificazione di una donna, by Michelangelo Antonioni.

In 1999 the Cd Teatro nella canzone napoletana was released produced by Polosud. It contains 13 songs of unforgettable artists ( Totò , Pupella Maggio, Eduardo and Peppino De Filippo, Angela Pagani, Raffaele Viviani, Nino Taranto and more..) performed by Cigliano himself together the guitar of his Maestro Mario Gangi.

In 2002 the Cd …e adesso slow! was still released and produced by Polosud. In this Cd Fausto translates in neapoletan and performs some classical american songs of 1940s and 1950s, which were brought to success by Nat King Cole.


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