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Minicd / Year: 1997

Producers: Sandro Sibillo, Ettore Sciarra.

Musicians: Alan wurzburger: singer and guitar – Sandro Sibillo: guitars and plectrums – Joseph Lepore: bass – Mario Formisano: bass- Mariano Barba: drum – Ettore Sciarra: keyboard and computer programming – Marzuk: tarabukka – Valentino Bonillo: accordion – Amleto Livia: violin.

News: The song “Se io fossi il capo dello stato” is also in the compilation “Consenso” and the chorus is made by the boys of “Coperativa Sociale l’Aquilone”
Some technical information

Studio: Il Parco – Napoli

Sound engineer: Ninni Pascale, Carlo Gentiletti, Claudio Bevilacqua

This work has been digitally recorded on Sony 3324 S and then mixed on Trident Serie 80B directly on AKAI DD1000.

Alan Wurzburger

Alan Wurzburger, neapolitan despice his name, has been performing for longer then thirty years.

Like all the artists deciding not to move to Italian northern regions, he got a huge experience on stage, earning no money.

His first band, the Piazza Dante ( with Gianni Guarracino, Nicola Napolitano and Paolo Avolio) did many concerts, performed with the Italian and foreigner bands of that period ( we’re talking about the 70s) like: Incredible String Band, PFM, Garybaldi, played in “Cantata dei Pastori”, collaborated with Osanna.

After that period Alan and his guitar started a long bohemien trip through Europe (in London, where he did both concerts at “Troubadour” and street performances; in southern Spain, where he was enchanted by the hot and passional sound of that land).

Back to Italy, he made the song “Sapenno” for Arbore’s film FFSS and then founded the Quartetto Wurzburger (despice its name, it was a quintet: Alan: guitar and vocal, Raffaele Filaci: percussions, Lello Settembre: clarinet, Maurizio Chiantone: double-bass, Mimmo Sepe: accordion and trombone).

This band was so successful to be invited to perform in the compilation Spackanapoli with the song “‘’A sonnambula”and was guested in many RAI programmes like “1 Mattina”.

In 1994 Alan published his first cd with Polosud.

The artistic production was given to Sandro and Dario Deidda (two important names of Italian jazz) and it turned to be a very good choice.

A video produced by Safra Film was made on a song of the cd: “Si aveto mon ‘amì”.

The cd was also printed in France (in ‘97) by the French label “Last Call Records” that started to collaborate with Polosud.

In september ‘97 Polosud published the cd “Spingole”.

Meanwhile, a song of the first albulm and the title track of “Spingole” got into two compilations published by the newspaper L’Unità.

In spring 2002 his third cd was published by Sottosuono.


Project, Title, Label, Year
Solo, Alan Wurzburger, Polosud, 1994
Solo, Spingole, Polosud, 1997
Solo, Sottosuono, 2002
Compilation, Il Canto di Napoli, L’UNITA’, 1998
Compilation, Il Canto di Napoli, L’UNITA’, 1998
Compilation, Spackanapoli, Festa, 1990


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