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Track list:

  1. ‘O Mare Va Truvann ‘e Fort
  2. Tempo ‘e Viento (ft Alessio Arena)
  3. Sule
  4. Adda Venì Baffone (ft MODA LODA BRODA)
  5. E Va A Fernì Semp Accussì
  6. Dint’ All’underground
  7. Senza Dicere Niente (Ft Francesco Di Bella)
  8. Storia Di Un Antico Tradimento
  9. Core Mio (ft FLO)
  10. Sule (EPO)
  11. Palomma ‘e Notte

“S.P.O.T.” From the initial “Senza Perdere ‘O Tiempo” is the second album of Giovanni Block, for the past ten years in the group of the most interesting songwriters newpolitani. From the onset of “Un posto ideale”, in 2011, Premio Tenco, changes the sound and language, changing landscapes evoked, not the certainty that the boy has important things to say, contrary to sing … The choice of dialect is not accidental, and may not be in the middle of the explosion of a new breed true songwriting, which also Block, after joining in the exhibition “Be Quiet”, brings together the disc, just released by Polosud, gathering around him Alessio Arena, Flo, Francesco Di Bella ,addition to Moda Loda Broda, Bata ‘Ngoma and, to a recitative, Gianfelice Imparato still less could be the day after the disappearance of Pino Daniele, impossible to fill the vacuum left by him, reflection collective on his lecture, which looks much like a song “Adda veni Baffone”. But Giovanni has other arrows to his credit, the irony autobiographical “Dint’all’underground” kind of voice within a true sonic generation that has to deal with such phenomena Calcutta, the tender charm of “E va a fernì semp’accussì “delicate as a lullaby post-muroliana sleep lulled by the cello of Arcangelo Michele Caso also instrumental on the front, the cd brings together the best of the Neapolitan scene, Mariano Bellopede Luigi Scialdone. “Senza dicere niente”, a duet with Francesco di Bella (ex 24 Grana) is a dip in the sixties, “Storia di un antico tradimento ” tells tone from the storyteller dramatic story of Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa and Maria d’Avalos. “Core mio” is a Proustian madeleine divided with Flo, a melancholy crucified love ballad, while “Sule” bank located in the deep voice of CiroTuzzi, before a re-reading of “Palomma e notte” closes – for now – the circle , parading proudly of his singing roots. How Gnut, like Sansone dei Foja, as the boys of the paranza del capitone of Daniele Sepe, as the best brood Arena, Block has a fierce talent, yet to be exploited as it deserves. Meanwhile sings a hardship together intimassimo and generational, rests his voice on guitars, acoustic or electric, that could well do without fashion ukulele or the chorus in Manu Chao style. But in times so approved and difficult, the opening words of ” ”O mare va truvann’ ‘e forte ” is a gunshot in the night, an emotional chanson chamber with views of Procida. “

Giovanni Block

Born in Naples , March 21 , 1984 , John Block grew up always between music and theater. He started studying the flute study from age ten to graduate from the Conservatory of San Pietro a Majella in Naples . Since 1997 works as a flutist in orchestras and solo concerts , and in 2003 founded the band John Block & Masada formed by students of the conservatory , with which creates a draft songwriting evolving . In June 2003 he won the First National Award for best song against the war in Vasto Music Festival and begins an intense period of concerts .In February 2006, he was a finalist at the Bologna Music Festival ( award for new tracks ) , and in March won the festival of music copyright at the prestigious jazz club ” the Upstroke ” Bagnoli ( NA ) . In June, a finalist for the National Fabrizio De Andrè Award for best songwriting , held in Rome and his song “La mentalità” is included in the compilation tribute ” Fabrizio De Andrè ” . In October he received by the jury of the contest ” Rockin 2006 ” the ‘ first prize ‘ and ‘ Special Award for best lyrics ‘ . In 2007 he received from the commission of ” Musicultura Festival ” Sisme the prize as best performer . In the same year he won the final the Arezzo Wave in 2007 and is a finalist of the 4th edition of ” The artist who was not there ” sponsored by the Club Tenco , earning the right to inclusion in the compilation for the magazine ‘ L ‘ island that was not there ‘ with the song “Samba dell’impiegato”. In addition, the national importance of the jury Arè Rock contest in Puglia, the rewards as overall winner and how best live performance and also won the ‘Premio Videoclip’ by the BBC group.
It is for the second time finalist at the national award for the best singer-songwriters “Fabrizio De Andrè 2007” and is included in the homonymous compilation with the song “Canzone occidente.”
In July he won the National Prize “Alex Baroni” and in September he performed successfully at ‘Premio Carosone’ which performs “Pijate ‘na pastiglia “Arena Flegrea of ​​Naples.
In October, at The Place in Rome and was proclaimed winner of the Targa Bigi Barbieri on the 5th of humorous Song Festival copyright From the shaman showman, organized by the Cultural Center Theater Camuno and the Club Tenco Sanremo. At the same time receiving the award on September 21 ‘Lucio Battisti.
In November, he was awarded the prestigious Premio SIAE / Club Tenco for best new author of thirty-Review of song writing scheduled from 8 to 10 November at the Ariston Theatre in Sanremo. The award is assigned by the Club Tenco with this official reason: “Giovanni Block fishing in his tank of musical ideas with vividness and naturalness, while providing indications of civil coexistence possible. Napoli stops the worn folklore clothes reiterated to offer different and less proven musical directions, as well as a firm and courageous witness of civic education. ” Between January and February 2008 he worked on the new album by Alberto Patrucco, and in March participates in the exhibition “Roma di Amilcare”.
In 2008 he once again host of the Premio Tenco and is inserted into one of the drives of the “Club Tenco Quelle Piccole Cose”
In February 2008 he was appointed Honorary Member Of The Club Tenco.
In summer 2008 he was appointed Khedive of the Sultanate of Swing in Sanremo,
Between 2008 and 2009 by the music of some of the works by Cosimo Damiano Damato, among which are withered roses, with Arnoldo Foa, and Via Crucis, with Isabella Santacroce.
In June 2009, the overall winner of the prestigious festival Musicultura with the song “L’aquilone”, also receiving the plaque from the University of Marche for the best text and signature immediately after a contract with the production company Duende – Concertieproduzioni now known as Inter suoni .In November 2009 it is included in the new Club Tenco “Unpublished disc of Luigi Tenco” produced by the label Ala Bianca with the cover “La ballata della moda”,
2010 proves to be another important year for Block. In February he participates and wins the first prize “Buscaglione”, organized during the Turin exhibition “Sotto il cielo di Fred”
Many concerts consolidate its name among the most active and promising of the emerging Italian music and in July is the winner of the tenth edition of the ARGO JAZZ FESTIVAL,
At the end of 2010, the Club Tenco and Mei with the record company Ala Bianca realize the project ” La leva cantautorale degli anni Zero “and is included in the eponymous compilation her Song for Pagnotta
From September 2010 he entered the studio to record his first album “Un posto ideale” to be published November 2011, produced by Ettore Caretta and distributed by EGEA music. Artistic production is performed by Josh Sanfelici. Among the guests remember Sergio Cammariere and Fabrizio Bosso.


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