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Arranger and producer: Peppe Licciardi

Musicians: Consiglia Licciardi: singer – Peppe Licciardi: guitar – Gianni Dell’Aversana: guitar – Salvatore Esposito: mandolines and mandola
A short introduction:

This is the third part of the Classical Neapoletan Songs Collection, started with “Passione”and “Reginella” (both produced by Sugar).

This cd contains famous classical Neapoletan songs arranged by Peppe Licciardi, for guitars mandola and mandolines .The atmosphere of this work sounds like “antique” (thanks to Consiglia’s voice) ) and “live” (thanks to a particulary refined recording)

Each song is connected to the 14 pictures put in the booklet and drawn by Raffaele Maddaluno for this occasion.
Some technical information

Studio: Il Parco – Naples

Sound engineer: Ninni Pascale

Mastering: Robert Fix

This work has been digitally recorded on Protools HD

Consiglia Licciardi

Consiglia started singing since she was very young.

In 1976 she began studying the Neapolitan songs and, meanwhile, did concerts with her brother Peppe (guitar).

Her research and particular musical sensitivity made her develop her own style that, on one hand, reminds the most beautiful voices of the past and, on the other hand, strikes for the originality and freshness she has to sing the old classics.

In the two albulms “Alma Latina” and “Ariammore”, Consiglia sings new songs (written and arrangiati by Peppe Licciardi) where she experiments the worm and deep sounds of Mediterranean tradition.

In these records her sweet but defined voice, supported by a mature style, is particulary at its ease.

Consiglia makes many concerts in several Mediterranean cities with one of the best artists of portoguese fado, Nuno de Camara Pereira.

Consiglia joint many tv shows, festivals and concerts in the last years like:


Domenica In ( four times), Quelli che il calcio, , Roxy Bar , Uno Mattina, Tappeto Volante.


American Embassy (she sings with Frank Sinatra)- Auditorium Radio Colonna- Cartagine, Roman Anfitheatre – Parigi, Auditorium Institut Monde Arabe – Montevideo, Stella Theatre – Buenos Aires, Coliseo Theatre – Porto Alegre, San Pedro Theatre – Lione, La Chapelle de la Trinitè.

Etichetta, Titolo, Anno
Sugar, Passione, 1989
Sugar, Reginella, 1990
Flying, Alma Latina, 1994
CNI, Ariammore, 1997
Polosud, Torna maggio, 2003


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