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Producer: Paolo Di Sarcina and Elia Di Filippo

Arrangements: Paolo Di Sarcina

Musicians: Ricky Graziano : singer – Brunella Selo: singer- Elia Di Filippo: flute and ottavino – Arturo Viola: clarinet – Emanuela Grimaccia: piano – Claudio Borrelli: drum and vibraphone – Paolo Di Sarcina: bass and guitar – Luciano Nini: sax alto and clarinet basso – Enzo Nini: sax tenore – Giuseppe Favaloro: sax alto and tenore – Giuseppe di Calandrea: clarinet – Gerardo Ferrara: trumpet – Raffaele Carotenuto: trombone – Davide Mastropaolo: accordion – Andrea Campese: Back vocal – Edo Notarloberti: violin – Leonardo Massa: cello –
Some technical information

Studio: Il Parco – Naples

Sound engineer: Carlo Gentiletti

Mastering: Bob Fix

Paolo Di Sarcina

The Compagnia Musicale, created and directed by Paolo Di Sarcina, was founded in 1993 in Paris with the show “Le rÍve de Koko”, a concert for singers, actors, dancers and jazz-orchestra made with the contribute of Ministere de la Culture and played in April 1994 in Paris at Auditorium Les Halles.

In Italy the C.M.plays a repertory going from chamber music to pop music, and contemporary music sounds mix with folk, jazz and pop music, in order to research an imaginary modern folk.

In 1996 the band released the CD Kammermuzak (ed. PoloSud), which means “chamber bad music”, a kind of manifesto of their style.

The C.M. took part to many festivals (Maggio dei monumenti, I differenti, Etnie e dintorni, ecc.) and in September 1998 it took part to the Festival Provinciale dell’Unità in Naples with the Cafè Europa project for 11 days. They also made the soundtrack for the show “Itinerari danteschi” performed by Libera Scena Ensemble ( Mercadante Theatre, Naples). In Jenuary 2000 they did a concert for RAI in Naples, which was live on Radio Tre

The new CD, Veleno, Polosud, was released in September 2002.

The musicians:
Ricky Graziano, Vocal
Emanuela Grimaccia, Piano
Elia Di Filippo, Flaute
Paolo Di Sarcina, Bass and Guitar
Arturo Viola, Clarinet
Claudio Borrelli, Drum and Percussions


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