POLOSUD started its activity in 1993.

It aimed at creating an independent record label being able to see about music publishing, production, recording, distribution and promotion in Southern Italy.

Polosud is associated with ‘Il Parco’, the recording studio founded by Ninni Pascale and in which the most innovative Neapoletan musicians (like: Bisca, Walhalla, Panoramics, Little Italy, Sei Sei Sei, Falso Movimento, Joe Amoruso) have been recording since early eighties.

The project was successful for two reasons:

the lack of such enterprises in the South of Italy, though our lands are full of skilled artists.

the decision made by the majors of giving the new Southern artists up, as they are too far from their headquarters and too expensive and hard to be managed.

Our goals are to give voice to the several artists coming from our regions , who are often very good but cast away by the automatic productions of the majors.