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This is the third album by Pino Ciccarelli, composer, clarinetist and saxophonist Neapolitan.
In this work Pino duet with the harp Gianluca Rovinello on some songs from his old repertoire and other writings for the occasion.
The result is an evocative music that brings us to the Fellini film to those of Tornatore.

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Pino Ciccarelli

He was born in '62 in the province of Naples, Marianella, and as a child he alternates his passion for bikes and cross country races in with the music supplied by his father, a music teacher and talented clarinetist (during the war was the first clarinet at Trieste "garrison").

The first musical experiences Pino were just 10 years, just in the band Piscinola / Marianella.

Later, after completing the Pine clarinet and saxophone studies he devoted himself to composition, writing songs copyright, lounge music, theater and cinema.

Among the other works with:
Aurelio Fierro, Pina Cipriani, Loredana Berte ',' A67, Paolo Belli Recommend Licciardi, Diego Moreno, Franco Del Prete and Sudexpress, Franco Ricciardi, Co sang, Monica Sarnelli, Giardino Dei Semplici, Enzo Avitabile. Ciro Sciallo, Fabrizio Fedele Trio, Hosanna, Piero Gallo Ensemble


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