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Year: 1997

Producer: Enzo Nini

Musicians : Enzo Nini : sax ten/sop, flute, ottavino – Bruno Persico : piano – Bruno Tommaso: Bass – Ettore Fioravanti : drum – Riccardo Zinna : acting voice – Alessandra Castellano: flute – Luciano Nini : clarinets e sax alto

Poems by Vanna D’Amato

Some technical information

Recording and mixing: studio Il Parco – Naples

Sound engineer: Carlo Gentiletti

this work has been digitally recorded on Sony 3324 S and then mixed on Trident Serie 80B directly on AKAI DD1000.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Enzo Nini


Graduated in classical flute having as tutors Jean Claude and Laurent Masi, he attended the first jazz workshops in Siena studying sax with Claudio Fasoli (1978) and playing in the orchestras directed by E. Rava and G. Gazzani. He perfected himself in the U.S.A.with Andy Mc Ghee, Joseph Viola and Joe Allard by attending the “Berklee College of Music”of Boston


“Quartieri Spagnoli” (CD Officina SM004) with the “Enzo Nini Rubber Band”; “Chicago Bound” (LP Paloma rec. 90020003) with the “Blue Staff”; “Quit Lands-samper one” (CD Wind 3001)with “Paolo Di Sarcina”; “Kammermuzak” (CD Polosud PS010) with the “Compagnia Musicale di Paolo Di Sarcina”; “Doppio Sogno Doppio” (CD Polosud PS016) with the “Enzo Nini Rubber Band”, "Otto jazz Club" with the Enzo Nini jazz Gossip


Artistic director of musical activities for the association “Il Calderone” of Naples, he managed the “S.M.I.T.S.” (Scuola Musicale d’improvvisazione e Tecnica Strumentale) in1979/89. He worked as an assistent in the Summer workshops of Berklee College of Music for “Umbria Jazz” from 1986 to 1989. In ‘90 he managed the teaching activity for the workshop “Marajazz” at Maratea. He took part to the Council of A.M.J. (Associazione Nazionale Musicisti Jazz)( 1989/90 and 1993). He directs the A.N.D.J. (Associazione Napoletana Diffusione Jazz) and publishing the book “PAROLE E MUSICA – Idee Jazz dal Sud Italiano”(1996) with. He thaught (Nov. 1995/Dec. 1996) jazz at Conservatory “Gesualdo da Venosa “ of Potenza.


During an intense activity related to Neapolitan music he played in many festivals as Montreal, Toronto, Berlin and Wien..He sometimes joins R.A.I. programs as performer and composer. He composed the soundtrack for some plays and for the film “Male Mare” by P. Marazzo. He played with Enzo Avitabile's “Soul Brothers Band” also performing in Tunisia. He played at “Carrefour de la Mediterranee” of Salonicco (1991) and in the orchestra of the show “ Le Reve de Koko” at Auditorium “Les Alles” in Paris and at “Reggia di Caserta” playing music by Paolo Di Sarcina.


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