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Year: 1995

Producer: Agcà

Some information about the guests

Daniele Sepe plays in the songs number 2,3,8. Nico Casu plays in the songs number 1,’3,4,5,7,8.

Some technical information

Studio: Il Parco – Naples

Sound engineer: Robert Fix and Carlo Gentiletti

This work has been digitally recorded on Sony 3324 S and mixed on Trident Serie 80B directly on AKAI DD1000.

Informazioni aggiuntive


AGCA’ is a band born in the early '90 and featured by Massimo Luise (double-bass), Pasquale Bardaro (vibrafono) and Claudio Borrelli (drum).

The artists, linked by many affinities, had the contribution of many musicians , who enriched the already defined musical style of the band, made of elements of cultured musical tradition of the twentieth century, combined with a big attention towards european jazz and with singular and remarkable psychedelic and grottesque elements.

All these elements got in their compositions, arousing the curiosity and the interest of critics and musicians, as Bruno Tommaso, who wrote the presentation of their first work: "Tratti d'incontri straordinari".

The band joint many festivals, as "Dissonanze" and "Insieme per la vita" at Terme di Agnano (Naples) in 1993, "Musa Musica" and "Le musiche della città" at Teatro Augusteo of Naples in 1995 and, finally, "Fuochi dal vesuvio" at Teatro Leopardi (Naples) with many important artists.

The band was guested by the tv show "Cercando Cecando" on RAI2

Pianist Dino Massa and trumpet player Nico Casu always play in Agcà's concerts,together with, sometimes, saxophonists Daniele Sepe, Giulio Martino and Nando Trapani (guested in their cds).

The band is not working at the moment but the artists are playing in different bands.

MASSIMO LUISE – Double-bass

He studied at Conservatory “San Pietro a Majella” in Naples with Nicola Buonomo. After some patnerships with symphonic orchestras, he played in some R.A.I. soundtracks and records. He does many jazz concerts and performed with famous italian and foreigner artists, like: Tony Scott, Larry Nocella, Daniele Sepe, Fabio Morgera and Christian Escoudè.


Graduated in Percussions at Conservatory “San Pietro a Majella” in Naples, member of many percussions ensembles he performed in several international festivals with, he's been working pemantely with orchestra of Teatro di San Carlo in Naples since 1990. He plays both chamber music and jazz one. He played in the Orchestra “All – Stars” of Napoli, directed by Bruno Tommaso, and also in the orchestra “Jazz Campania” with Steve Grossman.


Graduated in Percussions at Conservatory “San Pietro a Majella” in Naples with Vittorio Buonomo, he took part to many percussions ensambles he performed in several international festivals with. He collaborated in many plays with the Orchestras of Teatro San Carlo, of Teatro Sannazzaro of Naples and with the Scarlatti Orchestra. He played with many famous neapolitan jazz musicians like: Daniele Sepe, Antonio Onorato, Pietro Condorelli and others.

He is a member of Ensemble “Neofonia” he recorded a cd with, “Homenaje”(Kicco Records), released by Fonit Cetra, published in April ‘96 with all the compositions by Astor Piazzolla.

NICOLO’ CASU – Trumpet –

Graduated at Conservatory of Sassari, he's been in Naples since ’87, playing with all neapolitan jazz -pop-rock musicians. he played with Symphonic Orchestra of Neaples and collaborates with “Media Aetas”directed by Roberto De Simone, he did international concerts with. he performed with the most important italian jazz artists (like Paolo Fresu and Roberto Ottaviano) and with Art Ensemble of Chicago.He is a member of Daniele Sepe's Art Ensemble of Soccavo, he made many records with.


Graduated in piano, composer, teacher, he's been making concerts both as jazz player and academic performer since’ 84 and has many patnerships with many famous italian artists, like Franco D’Andrea and Andrea Braido. In 1994 he recorded the cd “GIROTONDO”, awarded at “TOP JAZZ 94”, and also recorded in 1995 the cd “TRATTI DI INCONTRI STRAORDINARI” with “AGCA’”.


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