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Year: 1996

Producer and arranger: Francesco D’Errico

Musicians: David Alan Gross: Sax contralto e flute – Franco Giacoia: guitars – Francesco D’Errico: piano – Aldo Vigorito: double-bass – Stefano Tatafiore: drum

Some technical information:

Studio: Il Parco – Naples

Sound engineer: Ninni Pascale and Carlo Gentiletti

This work was analogically recorded in March 1991 on MCI 24 and then mixed on Trident Serie 80B directly on AKAI DD1000.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Francesco D'Errico

Pianist, composer.

He was born in 1962. Graduated in philosophy with a thesis entitled "Leibniz and music".

He studied piano and composition in Naples. Composer Enrico Renna was one of his teachers. He attended many jazz workshops in Italy and abroad , joining many stages having as teachers musicians like: F. D'Andrea, M.Ozone, G. Burton, R. Bairach, J. Diorio, K.Wheeler, C. Corea, P. Metheny, E. Rava, "Oregon", J.DeJohnette, C.Haden, S.Khun, M.Longo. He also attended the three year Musical analysis course organized by SIDAM.

Francesco D'Errico has been performing since1988 in many Jazz clubs in Italy and abroad like: Lennie Tristano (Aversa); Billie Holiday (Rome); Kabala (Pescara); Le Caveau (Losanna); Jazz Reihe Witike (Zurich). He also plays in many Jazz festivals, like: Jazz in'It (Vignola); Euro Jazz (Naples); Marajazz (Maratea); Salerno Estate (Salerno); Jazzeventum (Benevento); Orsara Musica (Orsara); Jazz Meets the World (Naples); Segnali (Napoli).

In september 1990 he was selected as pianist composer, together other musicians (for example M.P.De Vito and D. Sepe), to do a concert at Biennale delle arti giovanili del mediterraneo held in Marsiglia (France). He got position number 8 as "Best new Italian talent" in the referendum made by the magazine "Musica Jazz".

He also performed in many RAI radio programmes as a soloist, as "Audio Box" and "Invenzioni a due voci"

In 1991 D'Errico founded the "Movies Band" thanks to dell'Ass. "G.Barattolo" that, in partnership with the University of Naples (chair of History of Cinema), ordered him the soundtracks for many silent films as Nosferatu" by Murnau (1922).

In 1993 he won, together choreographer Monica Francia, the prize "Ricordi". Then the music he composed was published by Casa Ricordi. In 1997 he won the prize "Vulcano metropolitano".

D'Errico composes musics for theatre and cinema. We cite the soundtrack of the short "Angeli"by Domenico Ciruzzi, winning the festival of Fano. Besides all the above said activities, D'Errico teaches, giving in Italy many courses and workshops. He also teaches at Isfom (training school for musictherapy) and collaborates with Ismez(of which he is a partner).

In 1997 D’Errico set up the "Napoletana" project. It is an attentive and accurate remake of the musical tradition related to the classical neapolitan music.

D’Errico also collaborated, by writing many articles, with these magazines: "Analisi" (ed. Ricordi); "Konsequenz" (ed.ESI) "Bollettino AMJ" (ed. Ragiaschi) and Jazz it.

Between Summer and Autumn 1998 D’Errico moved to New York (USA) to deepen the knowledge of jazz and also to record a cd with saxophonist David A. Gross, double-bass player Eddie Gomez and drummer Bob Moses.

Year, Label, Title
1989, Nonplusultra SSP03 L, Lunaria
1992, YVP Music, Tartana
1996, Polosud PS011, Le mille e una notte
1997, Polosud PS023, Riflessi e ideati
2000, Polosud PS029, Napoletana
2000, YVP Music, Ave of the Americas


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