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SUBURB: a possible and vital declaration, the resonant worldmap of the new generation of the planet. Feeding cross-cultures, desires, horizons, launching a kaleidoscope of stories rhythm sounds. The most explosive and inevitable energy of the moment: metropolitan music, peripheries of the world that target the centre of sound (understood as citizen neighbourhoods but also as the South) in this millennium celebrating their first true moment as scene stealers, after decades of superimposition, mixture and digestion, rich in the present rage and youth creativity.

SUBURB: the new album of ‘A67, the rockband of Naples (the Southern Italian city unfortunately noted worldwide for the Camorra – the Neapolitan mafia – and the current rubbish crisis), who after having created headlines in Italy and abroad with its debut-album“A Camorra song’io” (“I’m the Camorra” – Polosud 2005) maintains a firm rapport with its time and society, and from the heart of its origins in the southern periphery (Scampia, the degraded neighbourhood north of Naples) it speaks to the peripheries of the world, enlarging a radial debate, thus involving the recordings of italian and international artists.

SUBURB: a concept album which matures and consolidates the sound of ‘A67, a mediterranean crossover-rock which the band has enriched with various guests and diverse instruments: renowned Italian names (including Mauro Pagani and Roberto Saviano, author of the bestselling book Gomorra) and four young rock bands hailing from diverse world peripheries, united in their expressive force and social focus, in themes of equality and freedom. The new generation of the world vibrantly merged in an album: the historic melting pot of the Mediterranean, with Naples at the centre, Marseille towards Europe and Istanbul towards Asia, and with them India and Brazil, the two biggest emerging, multicultural democracies. In dialect and Italian, the ancient Indian language Malayalam and the rap of the San Paolo favelas, the hurdy-gurdy and electric sitar, the santur and progressive flute, literature in the bowels of the groove.

SUBURB: the force and the urgency of the new millennium, from the peripheries of the world straight to the centre.
INTERVIEWS, LIVES, MATERIALS : Giorgia Fazzini – – +39.333.2728553
‘A67 (Daniele Sanzone – vocals; Alfonso Muras – bass; Andrea Verdicchio – sax & keyboards; Enzo Cangiano – guitars; Luciano Esposito – drums)

FEATURING: Avial (India), Calixto (Orchestra do Mundo – Brasil), Dupain (Marseille), Kara Güneş (Istanbul), Raffaela Siniscalchi, Valeria Parrella, Mauro Pagani, Francesco Di Bella (24Grana), Mario Arcari, ‘O Zulù, Gabriella Pascale, Roberto Saviano, Marcello Colasurdo.

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‘A67 formed as a natural, visceral response to a difficult social condition, witness to the magma of pulsions, events and hardships which characterise Scampia, the rione (neighbourhood) in the northern outskirts of Naples from where the bands hails. Scampia is better known as la sessantasette (the ’67), a reference to the public building law n.167 which, in the 1970s, was responsible for the horrendous concrete conglomerate which is Scampia today – a drugs supermarket devoid of shops and basic services and bleak backdrop to the ongoing turf wars between rival gangs of the omnipresent camorra (the Neapolitan version of Sicily’s mafia, the former being far more notorious both for the reach of its economic empire and bloody tactics).

From this degraded situation – but above all from the hopes for the redemption of their rione – rises ‘A67’s debut offering, “’A camorra song’io” (“I am the camorra”, Polosud, 2005), a disc which got the music media humming their praises and attracted a general media following in Italy and abroad. A concept album with sounds that can be traced to the historic, funk movement called “Naples Power” and lyrics in Neapolitan dialect to depict local reality. A powerful first offering that features guest musicians and whose tracks have, and continue to be, chosen for the musical soundtracks of various films, short films and television services. Hundreds of concerts in the past two years and a growing pile of awards.

To date, ‘A67 has produced two video clips: “‘A67”, an ironic take on the clan wars, involving local primary school kids whose designs feature in the video-cartoon, and “Voglie Parlà” (“I want to speak”), made together with Amnesty International, it speaks of the wall of omertà (the mafia code of silence) and enforced isolation of global peripheries, weaving in images of infamous walls: between Israel and Palestine, in Berlin and Belfast, dividing Mexico and the United States.

Supporting human rights efforts is high on ‘A67’s agenda, the group’s creative talent continuing to filter into parallel projects, collaborating with diverse artists and realities.
In 2006, “ALIEN’ACTION. From the periphery straight to the centre, a musical, theatrical performance with the theme of alienation, performed in community shelters, psychiatric assistance and specific festivals. In 2007, VOGLIE PARLA’. Against all mafia, an educational journey discussing legality in schools.

The new "SUBURB" (Edel 2008) is a concept-album dedicated to the world's suburbs: mediterranean crossover-rock features many guests (musicians and authors) from Italy, India, Brasil, Marseille and Istanbul.

‘A67 are:

Daniele Sanzone (Vocals)
Andrea Verdicchio (Sax)
Enzo Cangiano (Guitar)
Alfonso Muras (Bass)
Luciano Esposito (Drums)


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