Pino De Maio


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Pino De Maio

In addition to his many activities as composer, singer, and guitarist, which he began in 1975, Pino De Maio adds those of writer and researcher on the most ancient musical tradition of Naples.

Since 1976 he has been involved in a musical collaboration with Napoli Centrale, led by James Senese, with Sergio Bruni and Roberto Murolo. In theater, he has collaborated with Isa Danieli, Mario Scarpetta, Mariano Rigillo, and Tommaso Bianco.

His attentive, particular study of the works of Raffaele Viviani gave rise to recordings in 1982, the importance and contemporary pertinence of which are borne out by a continual demand.

For the theater he has written Sole, Luna e Talia (1982, together with Antonio Sinagra), Lo cunto dello canto napolitano (1990), and the Ballata di Eleanor, situated in the context of the Parthenopean revolution of 1799. Since 1990, the school of tradition, La Villanella , of which he is the founder, has carried out many cultural initiatives, foremost among which is the project of spreading knowledge of the history of the Neapolitan song in the schools.

De Maio has sung Neapolitan songs in a special concert for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England.
In this connection he took part in several important TV talk-shows, prize contests, and other cultural manifestations.
He is the author of eleven recordings on disks, from The Michelemma in 1975 to his latest CD in 2008, “Grigia è Napule”.


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