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Daniele Sepe


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Some technical information

Recording studios : “Il Parco”, Napoli; Piscina Mirabilis, Bacoli (Na); Tempio di Mercurio, Baia.

Sound engineers: Ninni Pascale and Carlo Gentiletti

This cd has been almost all digitally recorded on Sony 3324S and mixed on Trident straight to Hard disk recorder AKAI DD1000.

The live recordings have been made with stereophonic microphones Crownand and Dat Sony recorders.
Some reviews:

Rockstar – one of the best 100 albulms of Nineties.

Rockerilla – best albulm of the year

1° position in the European World Music Charts in 1996.

5° position in the List of “Folkroots” (GB).

Daniele Sepe

DUCATION AND FIRST STEPS He played and recorded albulms with “Zezi”of Pomigliano D’ Arco. He majored in flute at Conservatory “San Pietro a Majella” in Naples. He got a sax and “infested” the neapoletan new-vawe: Little Italy, Bisca, Degrado.

1980-1989 YEARS OF SACRIFICES He began playing classic music (2° suite by Bach at Auditorium RAI of Naples, baroque music with “La Cappella della Pietà dei Turchini” , contemporary music with Luciano Cilio). Too serious music!! He decided to give up. He started a hard career of session man playing with many artists to make ends meet like: Nino D’Angelo, Gino Paoli, Eduardo De Crescenzo, Nino Buonocore. There was no albulm in Naples without his sax. He realized that the supporter ‘s life was awful.

1989-1994 YEAR OF SOWING He gave up getting a new car and produced his first albulm, “Malamusica”, by using his save money earned thanks to the several tournees made in those years. He got very goodreviews but the sales went bad. He insisted , gave up playing in other musicians’ albulms and concerts, got no money. He recorded “L’uscita dei galdiatori” and “Play standards and more”. He still had very good reviews but his works got no success. He lost ten kilos.

1994-1998 YEARS OF HARVEST He was picked up by Ninni Pascale on Miseno beach just in time. Ninni Pascale proposed him to make a record for his brand new label. He recorded “Vite Perdite”. He had very good reviews and the sales went very well. The cd was published worldwide by Piranha (Berlin). Then he worked on the soundtracks for directors like: Martone “L’amore molesto”, Ferrario “Figli di Annibale”, Battiato “Cronaca di un amore violato”, Pannone “Lettere dall’America” – “Sirena Operaia” Vacis , Baricco “Totem”, Caria “Diciassette” and “Carogne”, Cappuccio – Nunziata – Gaudioso ” Il Caricatore” and “La vita è una sola”, Squitieri “Blues Metropolitano”. He recorded “Spiritus Mundi”. He started a fruitful collaboration with The newspaper “Il Manifesto” that printed “Trasmigrazioni” and the anthology “Viaggi fuori dai paraggi”. He won many prizes and got some money. He kept being a comunist and released “Lavorare Stanca”, a book plus cd about job condition in Italy.

1998-2001 YEARS OF GRAPE HARVEST He has aworded for “Lavorare stanca” at ” Club Tenco” award. He also got the nomination from PIM (italian prize of music..), won a national prize for a soundtrack (and luckyly he got much money), started working with Lanterna Magica (Enzo D’Alò) on “Pinocchio”.. He was invited to join the most important European World-Music festivals: “Womad”, Bruxelles; “La fete de la musique”, Parigi ;”Les Allumees”, Nantes; “Beethoven Kunstenhalle”, Berlin ;”Opera Festival”, Wexford ;”Ritmos”; Porto etc… he travelled a lot… He published “Conosci Victor Jara” with the collaboration of Josè Seves. It was a huge number of weeks in the top ten, between Pelù and Consoli…what a satisfaction! He released”Truffe & Other Sturiellett” in order to know if his public may accept everything..It was sold !!.. He staged with Mario Martone “I Dieci Comandamenti” by Raffaele Viviani at Teatro Argentina and the work was very successful..

2002- ? YEARS OF FUN He published “Jurnateri” for “Il Manifesto”. 20.000 sold cds in less then 6 months. No bad for a cd containing Ignazio Buttitta’s songs…and then people are used to saying that it’s all public’s foult! The critics were a bit inattentive but he didn’t care.. He finally decided to get a new car(but he gave up for his cas was still good). He made the soundtrack of “Amnesia” by Gabriele Salvatores,and started working with Enzo D’Alò, first on “Pinocchio” then… The RAI3 programme “Farenheit” made a referendum : “do you want Sepe or Manu? Daniele Sepe won!Unbelievable… and he got everything with no money for promotion, no label, no press- office, no secretary, no promoter, no cleaner.. and no holyday! He’s beginning to think about it.


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