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"After an in-depth study of the Neapolitan song that led me to a long journey between tradition
and contamination, I came back to the origins: so was born 'CONTROVENTO', a cd where - 
alongside my acoustic mediterranean style - there is space even a little sound 
'More modern'. Four years later from the double CD "A un a passo da ieri", 
the historic label POLOSUD RECORDS [of Ninni Pascale] gives the prints 'Controvento', 
the tenth record work of the Neapolitan songwriter Sciallo.

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Ciro Sciallo

Singer-songwriter Ciro Sciallo was born in Naples on January 22, 1960 .
He moves his first steps with the music as a teenager, forming the first complexes together with the childhood friends. Il Fauno was the first complex consisting of four little boys with a thousand dreams in the drawer then together with other musicians puts on a "sweet harmony" group where he starts singing and expressing his authorship and composer's abilities, beginning to attend recording studios Festivals and performances dedicated to the music of the artist by bringing his music to the capital, receiving already great awards and awards such as the "Roma music" prize. After a long journey with his own music, not forgetting his line Songwriter in 2003 has begun a research and rewarding career of the historical Neapolitan song, publishing later the album "Acqua e mare". where he plays classics of the Neapolitan song, but especially songs Forget, who has been able to rearrange in a unique and evocative way to create a dialogue between past and present, Sciallo in the record also included two traces of its composition "Acqua e mare" and "Nun te perdere" .
The cd has an acoustic dimension, with arrangements that touch the bossa nova, jazz and author's pop, a sophisticated record work, which in the live version, can excite and enchant. Definitely a project that goes beyond the musical boundaries of our country, ready to deal with all those musical cultures that Sciallo has wisely catalyzed on its record. Two years after the publication of "Acqua e mare" Polosud with Luckyplanets, produce a cd of his songs "Giorni difficili", which in the covers cover a superb preface by Peppe Lanzetta, nine tracks that revisited him in his songwriting trail in Italian.