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In this CD there are the most significative elements of my music. From “played song” to free music (no lyric), from jazz to classic music, the camera one, from the acoustic and nostalgic sounds of the nylon guitar to the “shouted” ones of the breath guitar and also a never ending research of new ones: all that going through our Neapolitan melody.

I’m also proud of the presence of musicians like: Rino Zurzolo (double bass), Enzo Gragnaniello and Antonella Morea (vocals), Luca Rustici (sound engineer), theSolis String Quartet (a great bows quartet )and the pianist and arranger Pino Iodice, who made the Solis String Quartet’s arrangiaments.

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Antonio Onorato

He was born in Aquilonia in 1964,but he soon moved with his family to Naples. He was 6 when started playing guitar. Then he studied harmony with maestro Tosa and attended some workshops held by international jazz guitarists like: John Scofield, Mick Goodrick, Jim Hall, Joe Diorio, Pat Metheny, John Abercombie. In 1986, after many experiences with rock and blues bands ( Flash, New Beatles, Ratti Volanti, Station to Station), he founded the Antonio Onorato Band with drummer Mario De Paola . The band's repertory is made only of original compositions, mostly mediterranean music, he got the first appreciations in the clubs of his city with. In 1989/90 his first record “Gaga"(produced by Nueva) was released . The record was appreciated both by critics and public and it was one of the most italian succesful instrumental music records of that year. Besides the activity with his band, Antonio started many collaborations like the ones with: James Senese, Enzo Gragnaniello, Tony Cercola, Eugenio Bennato, Roberto Murolo, Francesco D’Errico, Tullio De Piscopo, Umberto Guarino, Tony Esposito, Marco e Rino Zurzolo. He also performed in many tv programmes like: “Gran Premio”, “Và pensiero”, “Telethon” etc. and played for other italian jazz musicians like: Ares Tavolazzi, Electric Dream, Oberdan Fratini Then The Antonio Onorato Band played in many concerts and festivals both in Italy and abroad like: Jazz Milano, Guitar Show, Sanremo Jazz, Sant’Anna Arresi, Festival del Mediterraneo, Turkey and at Copenaghen jazz festival in 1994. From 1995 to 1998 Antonio Onorato, besides several tournèe like the one held on summer ‘97 with Pino Daniele,recorded with Polosud three albums :“Volo D’Angelo”, “South Winds” e “Bella Jurnata”. In these cds Antonio kept on working at his project of a fusion between World Music and neapolitan tradition, with a great passion and a bigger experience compared to his début with “Gaga”. “Un grande abbraccio” was the result of his patnership with Toninho Horta who had come in Italy to do some concerts in July '99. After about three months that Toninho was back in Brasil, another big musician, this time a neapolitan one, Joe Amoruso, played with Antonio in the albulm and he was so much involved in the work that it's more correct to consider the cd made by both Antonio and Joe. It' s also very interesting to consider that in these cds a extraordinary instrument was used, the synt Yamaha G10 guitar.It adds a breath controller at the guitarist's right hand,allowing to combine the guitaristic skill and the wind instruments one. On Spring 2001 his fifth album "The Soul Breath"(Polosud) was released. Inspired by a trip to Africa Antonio had taken some months before, this cd is very different compared to his early works as it can be defined an interesting experimental work. In 2002, as a result of his very long artistic partnership with Aldo Farias, Antonio recorded "About Tradition", a standard jazz albulm produced by "Around Midnight".Photo1 by Enrico Grieco. Photo3: Antonio with Toninho Horta at the recording studio.


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